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GEA Westfalia RCC 458-08-30 Decanter Centrifuge

Westfalia RCC 458-08-30 Decanter Centrifuge

GEA Westfalia RCC 458-08-30 Decanter Centrifuge. Stainless steel construction (product contact areas), max bowl speed 3000 rpm, 2 phase separation (liquid/solids) design, single row of lined cake solids discharge ports, base, casing, gearbox. On 4 legs. New 2009. Previously used in an olive oil application. If you have any questions or would like to discuss

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Niro/Hysep HD 54X-2 decanter centrifuge, 316SS.

Max bowl speed 3800 RPM, 4000 x G, rated @ 150 GPM, 500 x 2100mm (19.7 x 82.6″) bowl ID. 6″ single lead STC-tiled conveyor, 75 HP motor 460/3/60/3555 RPM, Viscotherm backdrive system with Rotodiff 10719D, guards, feed tube, controls and manuals. Prior use: Sewage sludge dewatering. 1998 vintage. Very good condition.

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