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  • Clinton #B-50-H Portable Centrifuge – Stainless Steel Drum w/Aluminum Cast Base

    SST Bowl Cast Aluminum Housing with Stainless Steel Bowl / Basket Description Clinton B-50-H Centrifuge SST Bowl Cast Aluminum Housing with Stainless Steel Bowl / Basket Unit is portable on 4 wheel Steel frame SPEC’S SUBJECT TO FINAL INSPECTION SELLING “AS IS – WHERE IS” AS DESCRIBED BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FREIGHT/SHIPPING SERVICES. WE CAN…

  • Barrett 225-F Clarifuge centrifuge, SS.

    Max bowl speed 3450 RPM, 2027 x G, rated @ 2-5 GPM, 1 gal sludge cap, 12 x 5″ bowl, 2 HP motor 230/460/3/60 and starter panel, mounted on a stand with liquid tank. Very good condition.

  • Ethanol Centrifuge – Explosion Proof by North Star Engineered Products

    Explosion Proof Centrifuge by North Star Engineered Products, 316 SS construction, 30 inch diameter basket, 100 lb dry weight capacity, 1750 RPM/1200 G Force, Self-balancing, Pneumatic controls, timer, and safety interlock, collection tank for solvents, XP compressor and pump, 230/460V/60Hz/3 Phase

  • 31 1/2″ (800mm) SS B CENTRIFUGE #79089

    31 1/2″ (800mm) SS Bird/Escher Wyss Mdl P5/2, 2-stage pusher centrifuge. SN EW126, mfr #1828, V #358471/503, B #0358028. Max basket speed 1550 rpm. Slot width both stages .010″. Basket dia 2nd stage 28 1/2″ (720mm). 60 HP, 3/60/230/460 volt TEFC drive motor. 3/60/230/460 volt TEFC pusher motor.

  • 1050mm diameter x 50 CENTRIFUGE #221718

    1050mm diameter x 500mm deep Hastelloy C-2.4602 Ellerwerk peeler centrifuge, type 937-H, serial #95.066, 230kg (210ltr) load, max speed 1400 rpm, 1.65 sqm filter area, basket driven by 22kw, 3/50/400 volt, 1465 rpm Ex motor with a 0.12kw, 3/50/230/400 volt, 1360 rpm fan motor, discharge screw/plow driven by 2.2kw, 3/50/400 volt Ex motor, hydraulic door…

  • 281mm diameter 2 sta CENTRIFUGE #207273

    281mm diameter 2 stage 1.4462 stainless steel pusher centrifuge, manufactured by Krauss Maffei, type SZ 21/22, can only be used as a SZ 21 because the 2nd drum is missing, serial number 11285, maximum load 4,5 kg by maximum 2100rpm, basket dimension 281mm diameter x 223mm height with 1.4571 stainless steel housing, belt driven by…

  • 800mm Escher Wyss 31 CENTRIFUGE #704398

    800mm Escher Wyss 316S stainless steel 2-stage pusher centrifuge. serial #0358543, Type P-5. Slot width .20mm. Basket belt driven by 70 HP (55 KW), 3/50/415 volt, 1460 rpm flameproof motor. Push mechanism direct driven by 15 HP, 3/50/415 volt, 960 rpm non-flameproof motor. Unit with hinged front door w/17″ sight glass. Openings: 1-4″ feed pipe,…

  • 1,250 mm diameter x CENTRIFUGE #206217

    1,250 mm diameter x 625 mm deep basket 316SSTi (1.4571 ) peeler centrifuge, manufactured by Krauss Maffei, Mdl HZ125, Serial Number 8832, rated 437 kg max load, max speed 1200 rpm, wall thickness 25 mm, belt driven by 45 kW motor, 50 Hz, 380-660 V, 1465 rpm, class B IP 54, with central lubrication system…

  • 50″ (1250mm) dia Kra CENTRIFUGE #104373

    50″ (1250mm) dia Krauss Maffei HZ125/2.5Si, 316LSS siphon peeler. Chute discharge. W/hydraulic operated unloader and siphon. Max load 400 Kg. Max speed 1200 rpm. Will be provided after sale; basket- size1250mm x 630mm, .Approx 75 HP motor, interlocks wired to junction box and hydraulic unit top operate unloader and siphon.

  • 700mm Escher Wyss SS CENTRIFUGE #39441

    700mm Escher Wyss SS 2-stage pusher centrifuge. Mdl S-700, V #358480, B #355883. Basket dia 2nd stage 24″. Slot width: 1st stage .008″; 2nd stage .010″. Handbrake. 16 HP, 3/50/415 volt flameproof drive motor. 7 HP, 3/50/415 volt flameproof pump motor.

  • 630 mm diameter 1.45 CENTRIFUGE #212741

    630 mm diameter 1.4571 SS (316SSTi ) peeler centrifuge manufactured by ZVU (Czech Rep), Model OPH 630 EFHN, Serial Number 17348ECTEFTi. Basket dimension is 630 mm diameter, rated 2,380 RPM, maximum load 50 Kg. Driven by 11 kW motor, 3 50 cyc. With available documents and parts.

  • 1300mm diameter x 57 CENTRIFUGE #103220

    1300mm diameter x 570mm deep, Krauss Maffei 316 stainless steel (V4AE) peeler centrifuge. Type HZ1302, Serial #4838. 15mm thick basket. Maximum basket speed 1110 rpm. 350 liter volume/.3 (160mm) cake capacity. Maximum load 281.8 Kg. Belt driven by 180 HP, 3/50/380 volt, 1435 rpm Loher motor. With fluid coupling. carbon steel plow discharge mechanism. Hydraulically…