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Andritz (Kmpt) SZ400/2 232767

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400/344 mm diameter Duplex/317/316 stainless steel two stage pusher continuous centrifuge, manufactured by Andritz (Kmpt), Model # SZ400/2, Serial # 60000950, 5.5 ton/hour troughput of solids, 1200 kg/m3 density at 10/130 degrees C, max bowl speed 1600 rpm, inner diameter of outer basket 400mm, inside diameter of inner basket 344mm, cake thickness of outer basket 40mm (max), inner basket 40mm, centrifugal force @ max speed 490/570 G, centrifugal force @ operating speed (1600 rpm) 490/570 G, max load 20.5kg, nominal volumne 15.5 dm3, inner basket screen slot width 0.2mm, outerbasket screen 0.2mm, outer and inner baskets are Duplex stainless steel (1.4462), slot screens are 317 stainless steel (1.4439), pusher plate is 316 stainless steel (1.4404), housing is 316 stainless steel (1.4404), Basket is belt driven by a 15 kW, 3/50/400 volt, 1470 rpm IP55, EFF2, CE motor, pusher mechanism belt driven by a 7.5 kW (10hp), 3/50/400/690 volt, 1445 rpm IP55, EFF 1 motor.

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